How to Simplify Shop Floor Visibility with Bitzer and Factory Four

Watch the first webinar in our client spotlight series with Bitzer on shop floor visibility.

FactoryFour and Jeff Rowley, the Plant Manager at Bitzer, dive into what led the team to purchasing an MES, his advice on navigating through the implementation. and what they're working on with FactoryFour this year.

A Client Spotlight Series featuring Bitzer

Prioritizing Software Solutions

Implementation & Change Management

Get a client's perspective on what to consider while purchasing an MES, what their success criteria was, and what their biggest concerns were.

Bitzer has been innovating the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry for the past 85 years. Hear from a FactoryFour client on planning and prioritizing an MES. 

Hear from Jeff Rowley as he dives into how to plan for an MES implementation and what resources you will need. 

Production Planning

Growth & Strategy

Learn how FactoryFour has helped Bitzer gain visibility onto their shop floor using dashboards and integrating with their existing processes.

Gain insight into how current FactoryFour clients are expanding their use of the platform after their initial implementations.

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