The Basics of Implementing a MES with Hardwood Lumber and FactoryFour

Watch the second webinar in our client spotlight series with Hardwood Lumber on implementing a MES.

FactoryFour joins Andy Burkholder, a sales and marketing manager at Hardwood Lumber, as he dives into their MES implementation, their use of scanning to update orders in the FactoryFour app, and their complex production tracking dashboards.

A Conversation with Hardwood Lumber

Improving Order Tracking

Ease of Implementation

Learn more about Hardwood Lumber's difficulty with order tracking and how that led them to investing in a Manufacturing Execution System.

Andy Burkholder dives into how the FactoryFour team helped them configure the application based on their needs during and post implementation.

Hardwood Lumber is a leading manufacturer of custom made wood countertops and more for over 50 years. They have a large number of products with varying complexity.

Digitization through Scanning

Complex Dashboards

Learn more about how Hardwood Lumber was able to introduce scan actions into their process to update orders with FactoryFour.

With their high product and order volume, Hardwood Lumber's complex dashboards provide them with the data and tracking that they need. 

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